Sharon Memorial Park Fees

Sharon Memorial Park Interment Service Fees*

June 1, 2019


Weekday Interment **

Adult:  $2,725

Cremation:  $1,395

Sunday/Holiday Interment**

Adult:  $3,085

Cremation:  $2,085

Liner & Installation (Provided by Sharon)

Adult:  $670

Cremation:  $245

Graveside Service Fee:  $615

Chapel Service Fee:  $795

**All interment services include grave opening and closing, visitor services staff, uniformed attendants, chapel tent, six chairs, lowering device, grass carpeting, cocoa matting and bottled water (seasonal). For additional information please contact Sharon Memorial Park at (781) 828-7216 or on-line at

*There is no affiliation between Sharon Memorial Park and Brezniak Funeral Directors or any other funeral home



All cemetery fees must be paid in full prior to the service. Sharon Memorial Park accepts checks, or Visa & Mastercard. You can call them at (781) 828-7216 to arrange payment with them.

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