JCAM Rules regarding cemeteries during the coronavirus and fees

JCAM Grave Opening Charges

BAKER STREET CEMETERIES AT THIS TIME DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS SITUATION the procedure now is the grave diggers will not  be around the family. They will take the casket over to the graveside either with the rabbi or FD and lower right away and disappear. They will only return to cover and finish after family has gone. There are no “full fills” at this time……

10 people not including the Rabbi allowed at cemetery at this time for a graveside service

The Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts

Protocol and Important Information Concerning the COVID-19 Pandemic

March 27, 2020

Resolved, by unanimous agreement of the Officers of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts, Inc. (JCAM), as follows:

The Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts (JCAM) is committed to the health and safety of the community- at- large and specifically individuals visiting our cemeteries, the families who are making funeral arrangements, our caretakers, funeral directors and the JCAM professional team. JCAM is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and guidance from the CDC, the World Health Organization and protocols promulgated by federal, state and local governments, including the March 23, 2020 emergency order issued by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker. JCAM is also consulting with representatives of the Jewish community. Based upon these efforts, JCAM is operating according to the following protocol, effective immediately:

Our Cemeteries:

In an effort to minimize the risk of further spreading the COVID-19 Virus, JCAM cemeteries will be temporarily closed to the public for visitation and unveilings until further notice. This includes all restrooms, chapels and the Sons of Abraham Genizah.


We will continue to perform all scheduled burials on JCAM cemeteries. However, in order to keep families, JCAM caretakers and the public as safe as possible, no in person graveside services will be permitted at burials. Funeral directors and their staff are expected to adhere to this protocol and communicate it to families. In addition to the hearse and the funeral director, the cemetery gate will be opened to allow only one vehicle of immediate family members to enter the cemetery grounds, and all family members must remain in the vehicle at all times during the burial. Opening of caskets and viewings for any reason are strictly prohibited on JCAM cemeteries and JCAM property. As soon as the burial is completed, the vehicle of immediate family members must exit the cemetery grounds immediately. JCAM personnel and/or caretakers will direct vehicles where to park and will use best efforts to ensure that the vehicle of family members may park as close to the burial as possible on a marked cemetery road. JCAM reserves the right to require anyone on cemetery grounds, including caretakers, funeral directors and their staff, visibly experiencing cold or flu symptoms, including coughing, to leave the cemetery grounds immediately. Any individual who violates this protocol will be asked to leave cemetery grounds immediately.

Grave Sales and Pre-Planning Meetings:

JCAM professional staff is available by telephone appointment to assist families where a death has occurred or is imminent. In person pre-need sales appointments will not be scheduled until further notice; however, JCAM professional staff is available by telephone appointment to answer questions and handle pre-need purchases and payment.

Public Programs and Educational Tours:

Until further notice, all JCAM programs, special events and educational tours are canceled and will be re-scheduled where possible.

JCAM Business Office:

The JCAM Business Office remains open for all JCAM business. However, the public may only contact us by telephone at (617) 244-6509 as opposed to in-person visits. JCAM will not be scheduling external meetings at our offices until further notice.

JCAM’s staff and Officers will continue to monitor the situation and will modify this protocol as appropriate. We appreciate your cooperation as we do our best to mitigate the risk of exposure to COVID-19 while at the same time serving the Community in these challenging times.

Issued March 27, 2020







Grave Opening Charges:

Grave Opening/Closing without Liner: $1900.00this
Grave Opening/Closing With Liner: $2200.00

  • Beit Olam/Beit Olam east
  • Temple Emanuel Memorial Park
  • Moses Mendelsohn-Randolph
  • Framingham/Natick Jewish Cemetary

New Tifereth Isreal Everett (includes liner): $2450.00
**Note: On Sundays, additional Liner fee of $300.00 must be approved by either Barry or Alan**

Cremains without a liner: $950.00
Cremains with a liner: $1100.00

  • Beit Olam/Beit Olam East

Danvers/Peabody Cemeteries Grave Opening: $1790.00

  • Ahabot Sholom $2150.00


Additional Charges

Administrative Charge (required): $275.00
Winter Charge: $325.00
Tent/Canopy: $325.00
Overtime Charge: $325.00/hr

  • Greenfield & Son – (M-F 3PM, Sundays/Holidays 2PM)
  • Sal Cerro – (M-F 3PM, Sundays 2PM)
  • Tony Cerro – (M-F 3PM, Sundays 2PM)
  • John Ross & Son – (M-F 3PM, Sundays/Holidays 1PM)
  • Drake Thadzi – (M-F 3PM, Sundays 2PM)
  • Fuller Service – (M-F 3PM, Sundays 2PM)


Chapel Charges

AJ-Dana Chapel: $350

Framingham/Natick $TBD



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